The story of how we decided to Think In Boxes

Every business starts somewhere. We started by doing what we loved and building on that foundation.

November 2015

Our founder Brannon purchased a purple spiral-bound notebook. That's right. We started on pen and paper.

To this day, we still follow the practice that Brannon took when he came up with Think In Boxes. Before we touch a keyboard or begin any sort of work on a digital device, we take a pencil and paper and map everything out. We write, sketch, outline, and draft every aspect of the project using pencil and paper. This approach continues to allow us to deliver the high quality results our customers have come to expect and love.

Brannon sat down at a table at the Aurora Public Library and took out a purple spiral notebook. He studied computer science and had spent close to 10 years helping friends, family, and others with tech support and development tasks. In middle school, he learned the BASIC programming language. He had always loved technology, but also loved helping others. He had been toying with the idea of how he could use technology to help others. Over the years and through his education, he learned and saw how technology had a positive impact on individuals and businesses. In the notebook, he began to write down all of the ways he had used technology in the past to help others. Little did he know that the list would eventually become the service offerings for Think In Boxes. After writing down the ways individuals and businesses benefited from the different tech services, he began to map out how he could provide these services to users. About 8-10 hours later, the foundation and framework for Think In Boxes was built.

December 2017

After several years of planning and building processes, Think In Boxes officially launches.

Over the next several years, Brannon continued to map out and refine every aspect of how Think In Boxes would work. He spent countless hours creating procedures and documentation, generating standards of service, building a support framework system, and putting the backend together for Think In Boxes. The framework was completed and Brannon focused on the mission for Think In Boxes."

The feeling you get when you create something from nothing is just second to none. To not only create something, but to see someone else use it and be happy with what they are using gives you the best feeling in the world. It makes it all worth it. The late nights crunching code, the meticulous process of drawing graphics by hand on an iPad, the documentation of the processes and procedures, it all is worth it. To know that you not only created something, but that it provides a positive impact on individuals and businesses is just amazing. It makes you want to help everyone in the world achieve more through the use of technology."

Brannon knew that he wanted Think In Boxes to focus on helping individuals and businesses reach new heights through the use of technology. He had experience working for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and mid-size enterprises. He saw how different businesses flourished at different stages, utilizing different degrees of technology. He knew that not only did he want to help individuals and businesses reach their goals, but he wanted to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the business. With the company mission in hand, Think In Boxes was ready to open for business.

June 2019

Pushing The Boundaries

We continued to work with more individuals, startups, and small businesses. As more businesses began to see the value and quality of the work put out by Think In Boxes, we eventually began to offer services to businesses of all sizes.


Think In Boxes focuses on providing individuals with high quality and high converting websites, data driven business intelligence dashboards, enterprise quality cloud services, and in-house app development. Technology has changed a lot over the course of the last 10 years, and we help businesses stay at the forefront of the tech revolution. We've gone through a re-design and our logo is a little more up-to-date now, but our foundation is still the same. We work to provide individuals and businesses with technology solutions that help their business grow and succeed. We are here to make technology simple and accessible for everyone, so let's make technology simple together.

Customer story

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Time-synced lyrics to follow along while listening to any song.

Time-synced lyrics to follow along while listening to any song.

Time-synced lyrics to follow along while listening to any song.

Time-synced lyrics to follow along while listening to any song.

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Full Logotype

The full logotype is used for corporate communication and presentations, and when Blod appears alongside other company logos.

Full Logotype

The full logotype is used for corporate communication and presentations, and when Blod appears alongside other company logos.

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Why choose Think In Boxes?

There are hundreds, heck maybe even thousands, of website design/app development firms. That's what helps make us special. Some companies will offer crazy gimmicks. Others will cut corners and provide solutions that fall within a template set. There's an approach we have taken, and it's one that continues to win over large and small businesses on a day to day bases. We take on a project, and we then treat that project like it's one that we are launching in-house. We take our collective knowledge and skill-set, 'get in the zone' and push out a product that we are excited to share and show off. We push our skills to the limits (and break through them) which result in high quality results that are hard to replicate by others. We aren't just employees and subject matter experts. We live and breathe design and technology. We are the people who find enjoyment in reading studies and researching/testing out new ways to solve different problems at night before we go to bed. We are the people who go to bed thinking about a development problem and waking up with a solution. We are the people who keep the notepads next to our beds so that we can jot down that killer idea when we wake up in the middle of the night. We are the dedicated team who not only helps you drive your project from idea to completion, but is genuinely passionate about making it the best experience possible for you and your users. We are a prideful bunch, and have pride in knowing that you are getting the best experience.

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