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Go from idea, to prototype, to launch.

You have an idea for the next big app. We help you create a prototype for the app. Together, we bring your app to the world. Our approach to mobile and desktop app development changes how easy it is to create and launch an app.

Developing apps is a complicated process, but we bring peace and clarity to the process. Our experts in user interfaces and experiences help ensure that your app looks as gorgeous as you have envisioned. Our software engineers then work to not only write the code that is responsible for making your app function, but that it functions at peak performance with minimal device overhead. At the same time, our graphic designers generate the art and animations that help make your app stand out. As this takes place, our user testing group actively tests and checks to make sure things work exactly how you want them to.

You not only have an idea for an app. You have a full blown team to help you bring that app to millions of mobile and desktop users.

With Think In Boxes, making an app is as easy as tapping a button on your phone.

Whiteboard Overview

Know what your app looks like before it reaches the screen. With you, we storyboard your entire app process to ensure your vision shines through.

Development & Prototyping

Know exactly how development is going with our development and prototyping process, which allows you to see and test the app in real time.

User Testing

Get live user feedback for your app during the development process and pre-launch.

Your idea

Open to the world

Your secret tool for app development

All businesses need a competitive edge. Here's why were are the edge for those businesses.

OS deployment variety

Launch your app on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Choice never sounded so good.

Post launch updates and maintenance
Next-gen standards

Your apps are developed with up-to-date features, SDKs, programming languages, and standards.

100% app ownership & rights

Let's launch your app today.